Hootenanny Hill ~ part of our past, but not forgotten.

Onyx was my first house bunny. I got her when she was only a few hours old.  No normally a kit (newborn baby bunny) has to stay with it's momma till it is about 8 weeks old (Don't let pet shops tell you different, many of them sell bunnies only 6 weeks old.  This can lead to social issues and anxiety for the bunny in later years).  However, Onyx's life with me started by fate.  As it turned out her momma has something wrong with her, so when she had the kits, instead of loving them, she killed them.  It just so happened that on that day, my father told that the kits might be born, so I peaked in to check on her and found that she had killed two in the cage and by some miracle of fate, five of the babies managed to escape the mom, by somehow finding a small hole in the wire cage - all of the size of a 50 cent piece.  

How these little wriggly newborn kits, blind to there surroundings, were able to find this hold and not to mention have enough instincts to escape is by Gods grace.  I don't know if the kits had injuries from the mom or their amazing escape, but it would turn out that only Onyx and her sister Ohna lived.  Since I had her from day one, I soon became mom to them.  Sadly Ohna became very sick at about 3 weeks old and no matter what the vet tired, we lost her.

Onyx had become so attached to me, the each morning she would race down the hall (after being let out and given her morning treat, of course) then she would fly up on my bed, run along side of me and throw herself in a rolling leap to end up tucked up under my armpit and laying on her back.  It was the funnies thing and she did it everyday.  Then we would lay there together and I would just tickle her tummy and we'd sleep together.

We had 4 wonderful years together, then I almost lost her due to hemorrhaging with uterus and needed an emergency hysterectomy.  Surgery was a success and it gave me another 2 1/2 years with her, till I lost her to GI stasis and an animal emergency room that didn't understand rabbits or stasis.

I miss her everyday and I'll use this time to educate people on the importance of spaying her rabbits and learning the warning signs of GI stasis in your rabbit.  It can kill a perfectly healthy rabbit in 24 hours, a heartache you don't want to go through.