Hootenanny Hill ~ part of our past, but not forgotten.

Malaya (Lionhead) came to us first in March 2011. She was rescued from a field in the middle of February. She was curious of me as I walked around her trying to catch her, but she was sure to keep a good 5 feet away from me.  Then after about 20 minutes of us circling around each other, she just decided she had had enough and just didn't hop away the next time I tried to get near her.  She was like that her whole time with us.  Cautious first then you had her trust from then on.  She had oil drops on her head and back from the car she had to huddle under during those cold nights.  After I brought her home, got her clean up, she took the longest nap curled up in a ball tuck up close to my face and just snored.  I had tries rolling down my cheeks from the trust this little fur ball was giving me, so shortly after being brought into our home.  One thing Malaya could never get used to was having her front feet touched and it took years before she actually would hop on the floor.  She was ok on the couch, but refused to hop on the floor even with a rug and forget about her touching linoleum. She used to avoid it by hopping on my back from the couch and ride me like a pony back to her cage. 

I had Malaya for about 8 months, before I introduced her to the love of her life, Matteo.  During that whole time, she refused to eat hay and she self mutilated by nibbling all the fur from both her sides (fortunately she never bit into her skin).  She was a nervous little thing and hated being alone.  Then came Matteo.  

Matteo was a little Netherland Dwarf that was displaced from his home, because the new "lady of the house" couldn't make room for this all of 2.5lb bunny.  Matteo was a little bugger that was full of life, loved to explore and smart as a whip.  Especially, if it meant getting a snack.  When I introduced Malaya and Matteo it was love at first sight...for Matteo.  But it only took him a few weeks to convince Malaya he was the bun for her...then they never left each others side for 5 years.  Seemingly joined at the hip, those to sleep, ate and passed the time giving each other kisses every time I peeked in on them.

Malaya left us January 14, 2016, when I found out she had Thymomas (http://www.rabbit.org/health/thymoma.html).  Matteo managed to continue without her for just about 3 months, then with his heart heavy from missing her and complications from his chronic sniffles and possible pneumonia he joined the love of his life Malaya.  I held him till my little potato bug was gone.  Now they can binky together forever.

Malaya Kristen and Matteo Leonard