King Arthur of Hop-a-lot was the sweetest grump bunny there was.  He came to be with us after being moved to a basement for a year. At that time he was only 1 years old.  When he came to us he was so curious about the world he had missed for a year, he greeted each day as another opportunity to explore and do what we called his super man dismounts from the couch or his little pointed toe binkies.

After he settled into our home, we introduced him to Joselle, who was our regal queen of the warren.  It wasn't easy for Arthur to convince Joselle he was the hus-bun for her, and it actually took him 3 months before Joselle gave in.  They had a wonderfully mature relationship where they spent their time sharing meals and snuggles, but were confident in their relationship that if one wanted to sleep in another corner of the pen that was fine too.  Arthur turned out not to be the most snuggliest of bunnies, so Joselle gave in and lavished him with kisses.  He was her man and she loved him.

Joselle and Arthur spent the next 6 years side by side, sharing meals and their play time together.  Unfortunately, during the beginning of of 2015 I noticed that Arthur was slowing down, we knew already he had a little arthritis in his lower back, but this was more.  He was breathing heavy and their seemed to me a lump on his left shoulder.  After I made an appointment for him at the vet, that bump tripled in size in just two weeks.  The mass invaded his ribs and lungs. So we had to let Arthur cross the bridge.  We gave Joselle time with him after his passing, she seemed know and hung around him until she was sure.  Then as a sign for me and a final tribute to her grump-opolous - she gave him a kiss and lick and hop away from his body.  Arthur left us on April 7, 2015

King Arthur of Hop-a-Lot

  Hootenanny Hill ~ part of our past, but not forgotten.