Hootenanny Hill- for sale!

Hootenanny is happy to have available a variety of Sundries - click her to see what's new.


“Hootenanny Hill Homestead is home to 7 rescue bunnies. Each on unique, each one a lot of work. Think twice before getting a bunny, it 's a 10 year commitment

  • Pole Barn 
  • Green House/Tool shed
  • Vegetable Beds
  • New Windows (for the house)
  • Trail Making/Maintenance 
  • TBA

Hill Projects

Bruce and Diana

Find out why we made the jump from suburbia to our Hootenanny Hill way of life. - coming soon

worldwide effort to link visitors with organic farmers

From time to time we've got things going on...come see what

Hootenanny Hill Immersion Project - come stay with and see what it like to live off grid