Hootenanny Hill ~ part of our past, but not forgotten.

Brietta Emily was a fiery red headed rabbit that had all the spunk and strong-willed personality to go along with it.   She loved to be petted, but at any moment would change her mind, jump up and actually attack you.  This was one of the reasons, after she came to us, through a rescue, she was listed as "un-adoptable".  Brietta was about 2 years old when we rescued her, from a breeder that had breed her too many times and she wasn't able to bring a litter to term anymore.

When she got here I learned quickly that she was very cage protective (probably because her owner always reached in to either pull her out for breeding or to gather up her baby kits and take them away from her). I had to be very careful how I reached into her cage and always trick her with "out time" if I wanted to clean her cage because otherwise I was sure to get bit.

Brietta and I learned how to work with each other during our time together, which ended much too quickly.  I only had her for about 6 years.  We had a lot of fun during our time together and she was easily teachable and smart.  She finally came down with a bad case of GI stasis, which I was unable to bring her out of.  As always with GI stasis, it is a silent killer of rabbits and comes on quickly.

We miss that fiery ball of energy and hope she is hopping free with our other angle bunnies.

Brietta Emily