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September 3, 2017

Wow, where did the summer go? I guess we all say that at the end of every summer and this year is no exception.  We decided, because of job restraints that we wouldn't be "open" this year to WWOOFers coming and staying with us.  But when Anna B. contacted us and asked to stay with us anyway, we felt it was meant to be.  

Bruce has been traveling so much and I have been trying to hold down the fort.  It's a lot to do for one person, so Anna's question to come visit our Hill was a blessing.  She's staying with us for about 3 weeks and it's been fun to have a work partner and someone to talk to while weeding and doing chores.

May 2016 - It's supposed to be Spring, but our Hill is keeping us under nearly constant cloud cover.  We're getting excited, despite the gray and are reviewing all the plans we have for this year.  I feel I'm behind already in regards to the garden and herb beds.  Guess the cold April was enough to make me run in the house, grab my computer and watch a German movie while wrapped up in a blanket.

     But now enough time has been wasted, we're getting out there and over the past two weekends have planted about 100 trees in the east end of the hub field. We started to build our two guest rooms in the upper barn for an AirBnB, WWOOFers, HHIP, volunteers and family to stay in while enjoying our Hill with.  Then decided we better first build an "outhouse" (this is not a pit outhouse - the kind with a large hole dug down to hold your "deposits" those are long outdated, not sanitary and lead to disease and environmental contamination.  This outhouse has inside a rustic composting toilet). 

     We have a guest scheduled to come the end of May for a visit with with her 3 kids. She is promoted a grassroots movement called "Field to Cup".  She is trying to collect a list of farms and what we have to offer for people to have, when interested in ordering products.  Then in June we have another WWOOFer scheduled to come for two weeks with us.

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