This July finds me busy again, trying to juggle the garden, house, fun project, the bunnies and not to mention all those other things that creep into you life.  Summers on the Hill have always been busy and very year I'm increasing the size of the garden: more plants, more vegetable boxes.  I have hopes of building an outside wash area for all the stuff I get into out there, sick of bending over a hose to do things...this year I set up a "temporary" sink, it's been a back saver, for sure.  

I can envision my green house, even if I don't have it yet. We've been stopping every time we see that someone has thrown out old wood windows they don't want, we've got quite a collection gathered now.  I've tried to make time to scrape, glaze and repaint two old windows a friend give me, these will be used in the north wall of the pole barn we've been working on all spring and summer.  We keep reminding nail and one board at a time...that's all we can do.

July 8th:

Did some work-trade over at the herbal school today.  It was so nice to be around fellow herbalist, even if we were all bent over and pulling weeds out of the wet earth.  The community was there, the connection was there, so it made for a nice day.  As my mom always says, "many hands make for light work". I could see it Tammi's face, that amazement you feel after a work party just descended on your place and the work that would have taken you days or a week to day, is all done in one day and you didn't have to kill yourself to get it done.  It's humbling and rewarding, it just sits right in your bones of, "oh yes, this is how we are supposed to work together and help each other out.


So this month slips past me, while I catch a breath and look back trying to find it.  I want to hold on to it and not let it go away. But I guess there's no doing that.  I can't believe how blessed I am to live the life I do and to be able to do with the most amazing man I know.  He gives me encouragement, love and strength...everyday.  We are always talking about the plans for this place, us and our future together.  Being this connected to another human being is an incredible thing, it gives you different eyes to see the world through,  with clarity and hope.  

Well, the season is coming to an end and the garden of 2015 is a bit in disorder.  The tomatoes are there, but small and green, with temperatures dropping, maybe we need to fashion a temporary plastic hoop house around that bed or we might just lose a whole seasons worth of nurturing and care.. The corn still isn't ready - I'd like to know where people are getting all this "sweet corn" I see along the road sides for sale. Watermelons and cucumbers (that finally are alive, after my past three rounds died due to cold weather and too much rain this spring) are small but making a great effort.  I find it funny how different each season has been during this short time on this Hill.

This week it was finally time to strain my solar infused herbal oils.  They look great, each one infused with the characteristic of it's specific herb.  This winter should be fun making our first year of lotions and potions.

I'm half way done with my herbal school, it seem so fast and weekends are a blur of lectures and hands on lessons, surrounded by new friends and fellow herbalists.  It's a great community. I think it is very important that everyone finds "their" community. There is such strength in it.

This month, one of our assignments from class was to experience a "cleanse", foregoing dairy, gluten, sugars, etc.  The reason for this was so that should the day come, when we are telling a client to do a cleanse, we would have experienced one for ourselves.  So having failed miserably and being upset about it, I came to realize it was probably better that I failed and know that I can take on a cleanse at another time. In failing, I came to understand that this is how I will be able to relate to the client that comes back to me and says they couldn't do it.  Hopefully, when I finally do successfully finish the cleanse, I will a list of things that got me through it. 

Here comes September...and my 49th, talk about time flying... how did that happen!

October 2015

I did it! Finished my 6 month herbal apprenticeship.  It feels so good to have gotten through it and to have met so many wonderful people or as we call our group "pack of nurturing wolfs".   With winter soon here, I'll have months of playing with all the solar infused oils I made during this growing season.  I'm excited to see what my next step in is this adventure. I have all of winter to internalize this new information about the wonderful herbs. And I have my first!  Time to see how compliant I will be with my own instructions.  I'll be coming up with new teas to drink which will be a welcome warm hug during the snowy days up here on Wheeler Hill.

Cold breezes are blowing around the Hill now, leaves are covering the lawn and ready to be made into mulch for next years vegetables.  Fire wood is being stacked, indoor construction plans are being hashed out and cozy layers are being pulled out of our closets.  I've got lots of new herbal books to read while I snuggle with a very adorable bunny or two and some of my new herbal tea blends.

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