We graduated high school together back in 1985 and it would be more then 23 years before we'd reconnect.  We have been on cloud 9 ever since.  We knew immediately we had grown into two people we were made for each other, like two peas in a pod that shared the same goals in common.  We decided very early on in our relationship we were destined for a life of simple values and living like our great grandparents did.  We looked for over 3 years before we found this run-down Amish owned piece of farm land that we named "Hootenanny Hill".  It was love at first site and we knew we had to have it.

Having the farm already be off-grid (sort-of speak) helped us immensely.  There was no unwanted infrastructure that would need to be ripped out. We were starting with a clean, though run-down slate. 

This site will show you glimpses of our life here on our Hill and the many projects we're working on to build our dream.

We've had 5.5 years of wonderful adventures, building projects, mounds of vegetables and lots of hard work, though we wouldn't have traded a moment or regret our decision to move here. During our time here we have gained so much knowledge and skills, we will always have those skills to help us with our chapter in this wonderful life.

About US

  Hootenanny Hill- for sale!