Off-grid 20-acre homestead for sale.  Wheeler, NY. This is a property you cannot pass up if you are ready to go.  Once an Amish owned residence, this property has been “rebuilt” and is a solid foundation for your future homestead, hunting camp, horse farm, family retreat or full-time residence.  This property has everything you need to move in, plus more! This has been our dream pay-as-we-go living project but due to unforeseen personal events we are moving from the area. While this property has some finish work that needs to be done, this is a rock-solid start and ready for the next DIY person(s) or family to work on their dream and put their personal touch into it.

20 Acre Off-Grid Homestead

 There are other herbs and wild medicinals throughout the property, like Golden Rod, St. John's Wort, Prime Rose, Black Cherry and more. In the center pollinator-attracting bed there is a lot of Spearmint, near the solar array there is a large patch of wonderfully smelling Peppermint. Through UpS - United Plant Savers, the property approved as a "Botanical Sanctuary".

     We have an area near the storage shed that I call the "Mushroom Mound" (though it seems our inoculated logs of Blue and Italian Oyster and Shiitake have come to the end of their 5 year life span).

     I have several flower beds around the property and beautiful patches of wild geraniums in the back yard sitting area.  The well-house flower garden is a burst of color for most of the warm weather months. You'll have splashes of color nearly around very corner with the many Hibiscus bushes and some Lilac samplings. Along the field edge close to the old mill, there are 5 Capalta Trees that are growing up nicely.

The unique location of the property and how it's nestled into the rolling hills of the Southern Tier will not disappoint you.  This region with it's many microclimates, provide the perfect environment for the distinctive world-class wine territory to flourish with over 100 wineries.  This area is one of the largest tourism regions of NY state; which covers nearly 9000 square miles. You'll find 1,063 waterfalls, 605 miles of shoreline, 300 Bed and Breakfast facilities and more than 50 farmer markets, 26 state parks and 17 miles of the "Grand Canyon" of the East - which is a mere 45 miles from your new front door.

  • New floor beams under house
  • New floor joists (all joist ends insulated)
  • New sub-floor - AdvanTech 23/32 tongue and groove OSB
  • New crawl space (vented for moisture and rayon gas prevention) with 20ml Silverback lining
  • New sheathing on exterior walls - 7/16 OSB
  • New siding on West wall
  • New wall insulation - R19 value
  • New attic/ceiling insulation - R32 value
  • Roof rafter and soffit vents installed
  • 9 new windows

Property Features!

  • 8'x10' storage shed (housing solar equipment)
  • 12'x32' pole barn
  • 4'x4' outhouse with composting toilet
  • 4 - 3'x8' fire wood storage racks w/ metal roof
  • 12'x24' high tunnel/green house
  • 8'x12' high tunnel/green house
  • New main barn stairs (pressure treated)
  • ​2 water hydrants/water lines in garden area

Home and Property Improvements!

Life on the Hill

     We have grown all our vegetables and herbs organically over the past 5.5 years.  

  • Main Garden - the main attraction is a fenced in 32’X32’ area that has 9-raised garden beds of various sizes which encircle a center pollinator-attracting bed of 10’x10’. This garden is only steps away from one of 2 watering hydrants. Near this garden there are 4 Goose Berry bushes.
  • Culinary Garden - next to the main garden, this rustic 4x4 beam trimmed culinary garden has all the charm of a French “Herbs de Provence” garden (Thyme, Savory, Marjoram, Oregano, Rosemary and a little Lavender to throw in an American touch)
  • Strawberry beds: near there are four strawberry beds, each 5’x10’, which gives you a total of 80 to 100 plants per years depending on winters harshness.
  • Berry Orchard - here is another huge 32’x32’ garden, fully fenced in with many different berry varieties:  1.5 rows of the best raspberries I’ve ever tasted, 1 row of some of the largest black berries, two currants bushes, 15 blueberry bushes, 2 Elderberry bushes
  • Compost beds – next to the Berry Orchard are 6 extra raised vegetable bed. (3 of which are currently used as quick turn-composting beds)
  • Fruit Orchard – this is a newly plant fruit tree orchard of 2 apple, 2 peach and 2 pear trees. Most of these were only plant in summer of 2017, so are very young.
  • Extra Blueberry bed – here are another 7 (very small) bushes in a partially fenced in area
  • Bale Garden – Once a flourishing bale garden now turned into a quaint little perennial flower/pollinator attracting bed with a single string of fencing for pole beans to grow up.
  • Medicinal Herb Garden - This scared area has many different herbal treasures already growing there, such as Valerian, Yarrow, Tansy, Motherwort, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Feverfew, Blue Vervain,  Skullcap and room for more.
  • Asparagus Bed - as you might know, Asparagus takes 3 years before it's ready to harvest..2018 is that year (this raised bed has about 20 roots/plants.
  • 1,100 square foot main residence.  Rebuilt and saved from the previous negligence and ready to be lived in and finished by you to your liking. 
  • 24' x 32' gambrel roof barn (2 floors) with 16'x32' insulated shop addition each with concrete floors. Plenty of storage room for horses, ATVs or automobiles. Additional rooms could be added upstairs. 
  • 30' x 40' storage barn.  This was previously used as a sawmill.
  • 10' x 15' storage shed. Could be used for small shop, fire wood storage or equipment storage.
  • 1.6 kW, 24-volt, 710 AH photovoltaic electric system. 4kW power invertor/charger provides 120 volt, 60amp service to the house.  This has been powering the house and shop for over 2 years (with regular refrigeration, lighting and appliances).

  Hootenanny Hill ~ part of our past, but not forgotten.

This homestead is the perfect place for an escape from everyday life as a weekend retreat, vacation away from home or a full-time home. The beauty of the Southern Tier can be seen from every corner of Wheeler Hill, as it stands at an elevation of nearly 1900’ above sea level. Peacefully tucked into Amish-country of Steuben County, this 20-acre lot, is a great place to come and unwind.

The property is encompassed by scenic views and the surrounding landscaped is charmingly dotted with iconic Amish homesteads and rolling country hills. The sounds of carriages clomping up the hills on Sunday morning will help you keep the pace of modern life at bay.

Your new home is conveniently positioned into the wooded half of the property which provides a delightful haven from East blowing winds. Having this wind block is a bonus during those long winter nights when you’ll find yourself tucked warmly inside this charming home with a cozy fire (New Wood Stove 2018).

Oh..all the equipment!

Oh...the many gardens

  • 1 new wood burning stoves (US Stove Magnolia 112,800 BTU) 
  • New custom kitchen cabinets and sink
  • New custom kitchen island 
  • New full-size one-piece tub/shower combo
  • New pantry shelving